Aritico 7000 Lift. Trouble Shooting Guide
17 October, 2020 by
Aritico 7000 Lift. Trouble Shooting Guide
Anthony Gardiner.

Having been around lifts, cranes and elevators for such a long time has taught me one thing.. 

Unfortunately we cannot be all things to all people.

I recently got a call, the typical call, "Our lift has stopped"

This particular lift is a Aritico 7000, quite a nice lift which seems to have been doing a really good job for quite some time now.

Then the problems began...

The Google searches began, the tech talk began, it was seriously a time to consolidate all of the tech knowledge we could find.

Then I found exactly the lift we were looking for here.

Yet we needed more, we needed the technical guides, the technical knowledge to read the Aritico PLC and diagnose what the actual issue was.

I was able to find the drawings here, which really are simply overview arrangement drawings.

I was still after something much more technical unfortunately...

I found this site to be reasonably informative, whilst it also looked like Aritico had possibly created a new fancy site... 

Resetting The Artico 7000

I stumbled across this video whilst trying to resolve the Artico lift issue, and whilst the video was quiet informative, it still unfortunately did not actually help me resolve our issue.

We had a bigger bug and unfortunately continued to spend a significant amount of time researching for wiring diagrams and PLC related information



Where Customer Service Driven

Whilst we may well desire to provide an exceptional customer experience, the challenges quiet often come down to the capacity of our people.

And whilst I still do class myself as a capable Tradie, unfortunately I am not an electrician and quiet often need electrical skills to diagnose issues.

So we quiet often try to surround ourselves with other people who are able to quickly diagnose the problem on location.

Then Finally I came across some more technical details...

Whilst this link does not actually give illustrations at all. It does give some indication as to what the different functions on the PLC may actually be telling us.

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Aritico 7000 Lift. Trouble Shooting Guide
Anthony Gardiner.
17 October, 2020
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