Goods Hoists

If you’re looking for a goods lift for sale, get in touch with Total Lifting Solutions (TLS). The goods hoists and goods lifts from TLS provide users with a simple solution for transferring goods between different heights and floors. We offer a modular Australian design that has multi-level applications. Our hoists are popular in warehouses, distribution centres, factories, car dealerships, self-storage and mezzanine floors. Whether you’re in NSW, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia or beyond, TLS can help you.

Goods Lifts & Elevators from the Best Manufacturers on the Market

Total Lifting Solutions partners with industry leading goods lift manufacturers to provide superior solutions for you. We offer goods hoists and goods elevators in 2 model ranges:

1. Column (Rail) Mounted Goods Hoists

Column (rail) mounted goods hoists are ideal for smaller footprints and minimal pit requirements. They are designed to allow for external or internal installation, and they are a low-cost alternative to traditional lifting equipment. These goods hoist lifts use a column mounted to the freight hoist skeleton to attach and elevate the lifting platform. These rail mounted goods hoists are not suited for loads greater than 4 pallets.

2. Scissor Lift Goods Hoists

Scissor goods lifts use a scissor mechanism to support the platform and a hydraulic power unit to elevate it. This makes these goods elevators robust, cost-effective and favourable for large capacities. While custom deck sizes are available, these hydraulic goods hoists need deeper pits than column lifts and are not suitable for small lift footprints.

Available as Free Standing Goods Lifts

Both of the above models can be fitted into an existing shaft or installed as free standing goods lifts. Column lifts can have 1, 2 or 4 pallet capacities that can go up to 12 meters high. Scissor goods lifts can carry up to 10 pallets.

Both of these goods hoists are designed in compliance with Australian Design Standards and are available with multiple door configurations. The control board provides maintenance and diagnostic feedback. 

Features of Our Goods Lifts

  • Light capacity 

  • Heavy duty

  • Cost-effective 

Where Our Goods Lifts are Available

  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Adelaide

  • Perth

  • Hobart

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For more information on our range of goods hoists and goods elevators, contact us today by either calling us on 0434 373 049 or submitting an online enquiry. 

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