Workstation Bridge Cranes

When it comes to overhead cranes, TLS utilises the latest technology to provide increased safety and productivity for your operations. We offer both workstation bridge cranes and lightweight cranes for a range of applications. Our overhead handling systems are a key addition to many industrial workplaces across Australia, offering an effective goods lifting and transportation system that helps in creating safer, more efficient environments. No matter what kind of lifting requirements your organisation has, TLS can design and manufacture crane lifting equipment that fulfils your needs. 

About Our Workstation Bridge Cranes

Total Lifting Solutions offers two types of workstation bridge cranes:

1. Portable crane lifting equipment

2. Ceiling mounted crane systems

Both of these crane systems are durable, easy to maintain, and aid in lifting and moving heavy materials from one location to another in a precise manner. These cranes permit safe handling of raw material as well as dangerous materials, facilitating safe transportation from one area to another within the workplace. You will enjoy 2-3 times more productivity with our portable and ceiling-mounted crane systems!

Our workstation bridge cranes are best suited for lifting and moving extremely heavy and bulky items. In the automobile industry, this style of crane lifting equipment is perfect for lifting or relocating goods that exceed the safe weight limits for manual handling. With our crane lifting equipment, you can transport loads through the overhead space of a facility, thereby maximising the floor space and reducing the chances of injury or damage that may occur during usual manual handling or pallet lifting activities.

About Our Lightweight Crane Systems

Total Lifting Solutions also offers lightweight crane systems that offer maximum safety and efficiency for overhead handling and transportation. Lightweight crane systems are designed to be powerful while being made from lightweight material. These systems are perfect for manufacturing and construction environments.

Where Our Crane Systems are Available

  • Melbourne

  • Sydney

  • Brisbane

  • Adelaide

  • Perth

  • Hobart

Contact Total Lifting Solutions Today

To learn more about lightweight cranes or for help selecting the best overhead handling system for your needs, contact Total Lifting Solutions today by either calling us on 0434 373 049 or submitting an online enquiry. 

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