Pneumatics Hoist & Lifting System

The Pneumatic Lifting Frames and Air Lifting Devices in Australia are the perfect solution for lifting and work positioning. This system is air operated to allow an operator to position the load for loading/unloading seamlessly.

These Pneumatic Vacuum Systems are equipped with ergonomic technology making them extremely easy to use thereby reducing the risk of worker fatigue or injury. The design of these devices is streamlined in such a way that it can be integrated into a number of working environments. These frames are designed to lift and tilt the large panels by ninety degrees.

They are built to lift goods and move products without any risk of damage.

These units use a Venturi Vacuum System running of the air supply in the factory for lifting and tilting purposes. In order to maintain the vacuum when the air supply is cut off, the vacuum cups are fitted along with vacuum locks.

Such air lifting devices are ideal for activities where operator control is required and the air is available.

Pneumatic Lifting frame