Lifting and Handling Solutions & Services

TLS have lifting and handling solutions that are well suitable for all businesses that need industrial lifting equipments. The use of industrial lifting equipments not only speeds up the production and efficiency across the business but also improves health and safety.

Total Lifting Solutions has range of goods lifting equipment supplied by only the best brands in material handling solutions. In conjunction with our lifting and handling services we offer pallet truck lifting equipment and crane lifting equipments also to cater to more specific solution to your needs.

Our wide range of lifting equipment includes manual and electric stackers, light duty lifters, ladders and platforms as well as high lift pallet trucks, stainless steel stackers and many more. Our industrial lifting equipments are beneficial for even the smallest of businesses in one way or the another. Manual and electric stackers can be used in small business to transport pallets from racking or on/off vehicles.

With lift load capacities of up to 1000 kg these products can replace your regular pallet jack and helps in reaching greater heights for storage. We offer both - new as well as reconditioned units to our customers, so you always have access to equipment within your budget range.

We aim to provide solutions to manual handling issues by offering a wide range of handling products. Safety within a warehouse or similar business is paramount to its success and ability to meet deadlines. Regardless of the size of your business or budget our aim is to provide an industrial materials handling solution for you.

Browse the variety of products available with us and discuss with our staff for further information on any of our industrial lifting equipments.

Stainless Steel Stackers
Power Driven Scissor Platform
Plate Clamps
Pallet Lifter
Mobile Scissor Platforms
Mezzanine Safety Gate
Manual Stackers
Light Duty Lifters
Industrial Manual Lifters
High Lift Pallet Trucks
Genie Lift
Electric Stackers
Shutter Stand